About BeijingMath

BeijingMath is a cloud-based mathematics-learning platform that helps students master American-style math with the rigors of traditional Chinese practice. The online study tool is powered by Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment (DDA) technology, which provides a personalized learning experience by adjusting the level of difficulty based on how a student answers questions. BeijingMath uses a proprietary algorithm to engage students with challenging and interactive questions that provide educators and parents with real-time reporting designed to quickly assess performance and empower students to excel.

Trusted by educators and parents around the world, BeijingMath was developed by a panel of education experts based on the Chinese National Curriculum and translated to English by top educators at leading American universities. The math tutoring platform combines the step-by-step systematic approach that has helped Chinese students outperform students in other countries on standardized tests with the cultural and stylistic attributes necessary for high achievement in America.
Originally created a by a Chinese father frustrated with his daughter’s math education in the U.S., BeijingMath has been engineered to include premier elements of both the Chinese and U.S. math curriculums and delivered with next generation technology that’s intuitive, engaging, and results oriented:

Since 2011, BeijingMath has been the online study system parents and educators have trusted to give their children the edge required to excel in math. With a single login, BeijingMath students gain access to nine grades, each of which parents can be confident their children have mastered before being allowed to move to the next.