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An Internet Based Math Practice Environment:

1. Summary
2. About BeijingMath
2.1 Try it out
Step 1: On HOME page click FREE DEMO you will be guided into a page that is similar to student's practice page.

Step 2: You can then choose the grade you want from the left, and click the chapter (not all of them are shown in demo) on the right, and start practicing. There are approximately ten demo questions in each selected chapter.
2.2 Chapter list
On HOME page, click Subjects and you will be guided into a page that lists all the chapters by grade level.
2.3 Frequently asked questions
On HOME page, click FAQs you will be guided into a page that lists all the frequently asked questions.
3. Purchase Membership
On HOME page, click MEMBERSHIP and you will enter our purchase page. (You can also click Join us On FREE DEMO page to enter the purchase page.)

Step 1: Choose a package.

Note: If you are buying for more than 6 students, class option is a better solution.
Step 2: Create an account for teacher/parent.

Step 3: Payment Summary is shown. Click Check out with PayPal to enter PayPal secured server.

Note: You don't have to have a PayPal account. Paying by major credit cards is also an option provided by PayPal.
4. Create an Account for Sudent
Upon completing your payment, you will receive confirmation email and login info for teacher/parent account. You will need to go to "Teacher Login" to create a student account (student ID and password).
4.1 The purpose of creating teacher and student accounts
• Teacher account is for teacher/parents to manage student(s), creating assignments, tracking progress, assigning and renewing licenses, etc.
• Student account is for students to login and practice.
4.2 Teacher/Parent login
On HOME page, click LOG IN at the top right corner.

Login as a Teacher/Parent.

Click Add Students.

Create student ID and password.
5. Students Login to Practice
5.1 Regular exercises
Login as a student, using the student ID and password.

Click Exercises on the left to choose the appropriate grade and chapter, and then start practicing.
5.2 Assignments from teacher/parent
If a teacher sent out an assignment to a student, upon login the student will see the Assignments button flashing, click to work on it.
5.3 Explanations
Click the Explanations on the left and then each of the chapter on the right to access explanations and sample questions.
5.4 Games
BeijingMath added some links to math games. Click Games on the left.
5.5 Gift box
We added a new function of gift box, which contains the virtual gifts students received whenever they complete a chapter. To review it, click the Your Awards button on the top.
6. Manage Student
On HOME page, click LOG IN at the top right corner.

Login as a teacher/parent.
6.1 Check progress
Choose a student, click Check Progress.

You will be able to see students’ progress report, by date, grade and chapter.
6.2 Create assignments
Click Assignments to enter assignment section.

Click New Assignment.

Step 1: Fill in the fields of assignment name, due date, and choose a grade level (You can only do one grade a time, 4 chapters at the maximum), and you can give students a maximum of 25 questions.

Step 2: Select the students you want to send.

Step 3: You can either Save and Preview or Complete and send assignments. The next time the students sign in, they will see the Assignments button flashing.
6.3 View assignment progress
Once the assignments are created and sent, the Report button will show up on the right.

Click the Report button.
6.4 Edit students
Choose a student, click Edit. You can change their name, ID and password.
7. Renew License
7.1 Single license renewal
When the license period expires, a Renew button will show up on the right. Click and follow the steps.
7.2 Multiple licenses renewal
If you have multiple licenses to renew, it is best to buy them in a group (so you can enjoy the discount: each additional student is only $30 a year):
Click Buy Additional Licenses and follow the steps. After purchase, you need to distribute licenses to each student.
7.3 Distribute unused licenses to existing students
If you have unused licenses as shown on the following, you can use them to renew the existing students.
Click Renew on the right side along the student name, and follow the steps.
8. Forgot Password
Step 1: Click Forget Password below the login button.

Step 2: Enter the email address with which you registered.
9. Manage Your Account
Click Your Account you can modify your account information.